europe changed forever (& so will climate policy)

Climate Proof Areas has come to an end. But our conclusions will live on forever! We organised local and EU conferences to present our research and recommendations to climate chiefs and policy makers. We are very glad that all were impressed with our results and that they agreed to take our findings further. Europe: check! Next step: the world? 


movie stars help convince the next generation

Climate adaptation is not an easy subject. We developed a short movie you can use as a climate proof introduction. Teens from our partner countries are turning our project into a giant PR success. They can do the same for you!
Feel free to use our movie whenever you like.

8 pilots show you how it's done

Hanging beaches, oyster reefs and spectacular bird watching facilities are only a handful of our innovations. Our pilot brochure gives you a tour of all the climate proofing we've done. Want to learn more about a specific project? Our website and pilot folders are longing for your visit. Discover them here!


move over climate proof areas, welcome watercap!

We are not alone. There are other climate proofers out there, we are just dying to meet. For the next year and a half, 5 European projects will join forces to share knowledge and develop crossborder strategies. So, fellow pioneer, please stay in touch! Click here to learn more.


a big thanks from our team!

The CPA team has greatly enjoyed working together on our joint prosperous future. Our findings and results have changed many lives. Not in the least our own. Therefore, we are not saying goodbye. But see you soon!


Stay In touch?

Thanks for your interest in our project! Please visit our website for additional information. You can also contact project manager Ruben Akkermans at